Pain in the Stomach - Causes And Information

Pain in the Stomach

Pain in the stomach or intestines can be caused by trigger points from the surrounding muscles or malfunctioning organs that cause trigger points. For instance

The stomach

 Trigger points in the ribs and oblique abdominal muscles look like stomach problems because you suffer from your stomach. 

The intestines

 Overload due to abdominal exercises or exercise can cause nasty trigger points in the hip muscle and make you seem as if you have a bowel or other abdominal problem such as appendicitis or severe abdominal pain.
Of course, you should always first go to your doctor or a specialist with these kinds of complaints to have it examined that nothing else is going on. 

Stomach, intestines, lungs, kidneys ....

You feel nauseous, dizzy or you have to vomit, you have heartburn, boils, etc. The symptoms seem to be that your organs have something wrong with your stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc., but it is the muscle nodes in the surrounding muscles around your organs. This allows muscle nodes (trigger points) to act as if you have heart problems or pneumonia or appendicitis. The fascia (the muscle and organ membrane) that surrounds all muscles and organs and that is all connected to one another, is also the cause of the pain.

Complaints don't go away, how is that possible?

If the symptoms persist, it may well be that they are caused by trigger points (muscle nodes). Doctors and specialists confirm that nothing serious is going on, but they "forget" that muscles can also cause pain to your organs . Doctors and specialists have no specific knowledge of muscles and you go home with "learn how to deal with it" Organ complaints rarely stand on their own. Nutrition, stress, insufficient exercise and your lifestyle are often responsible for the pain.

What can I help you with and what can you do yourself

  • Improve posture!
  •  A collapsed and bent posture can already cause trigger points in the muscles of the chest, abdomen and back that make you feel as if something is wrong with your heart, stomach, lungs, intestines! 
    Make an appointment with a Cesar / Mensendieck exercise therapist.
  • Relaxation
  • Stress often causes pseudo-organ complaints. Breathing exercises.
  • Trigger point therapy
  •  The Trigger point Coach teaches you to massage / treat the muscles yourself.
  • Movement
  •  "Use it or lose it" "Rust Rust" Make sure that everything keeps flowing in your blood vessels, that you ventilate your lungs well at set times (that you have to breathe in and out with exertion) and that you, your heart also work a little harder than at rest. Use your muscles. A pond with stagnant water also starts to stink and rotting processes are created; it is somewhat plasticized but that also happens in your body with insufficient movement! For many ailments and complaints, walking is the best and cheapest therapy there is, so it doesn't have to be difficult.
  • Exercises
  •  Stretching the affected muscles. I will teach you some simple stretching exercises and how to massage your muscles yourself with a Trigger point Coach.
  • Keeping the muscles warm. 
  • Dress well with scarves, collars, jacket, vest or a warm bath.

How does real organ pain feel?

This pain often develops slowly and often radiates to areas in the chest, abdomen or back. These parts are located around the organs. You may also suffer from radiating pain to your head, neck, shoulder, arms or legs. The pain is also often difficult to pinpoint where it comes from. Later on you may suffer from stabbing pains or a hard stomach for example. Organ pain often has a strong connection with emotions. With stress, anxiety or depression to name a few, the symptoms often increase

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