What Is Legumes ? vegetables or meat ?

What Is Legumes

Beans and peas are the fruits or seeds of the butterfly flower family ( Fabaceae )  you can eat them as vegetables, instead of potatoes, or as a meat substitute. But the most special is. . . that they are so common. Even so ordinary that almost no one really appreciates them. Wrongly!
Beans, peas and lentils grow in pods. And are therefore called legumes. They come in many varieties: kidney beans, white beans, green peas, split peas, broad beans, capuchins, lentils in various colors, shapes and sizes, chickpeas, kidney beans, cannellini beans and many more little known varieties. String beans and green beans are also legumes, but we eat them with pods and all - just like of course the pods.

What Is Legumes

Everything At Once

Legumes are 'the elements of the kitchen 'Because they are not vegetables and they are not meat. And actually no potatoes either. This fan club site of course means the other way around: legumes are everything at once.
An important reason why there is so little appreciation for beans and peas is that they are so cheap. And that is because they grow so easily, can be harvested by machine on a large scale, and can be stored in dried form without any problems. Moreover, their environmental impact is low .

Add vegetables or meat

Legumes are best viewed as an alternative to potatoes, for example, do not eat capuchins with potatoes. But add some vegetables. And possibly some meat. It doesn't have to be that much, because beans and peas contain a lot of protein.

Special beans

Soybean is an exceptionally nutritious and versatile variety. The peanut is also a special type: a bean that grows above the ground and then quickly grows into the ground to ripen. It can only be eaten after 'burning'

End Line

Because of their high content material of monounsaturated fats, peanuts could have some of health benefits if they replace a few other components of the diet.

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