15 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

There are many health benefits of ginger.Ginger  is one of the healthiest foods and can be eaten more often. Its sharp, slightly earthy flavor is accompanied by an impressive list of health-promoting properties, making it a super healthy and delicious food.
Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is versatile, easy to use and is also celebrated by science. The  health effects  can be attributed to the strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and therapeutically active ingredients (including essential oils). Learn about the full range of effects of ginger, what it is good for, why it is so healthy and a few exclusive tips on how to prepare it.

What is ginger?

Ginger is the root tuber of the plant  Zinnober officinalis , more precisely, it is the rhizome of the plant. Similar to  turmeric  or onions, the healthy part of the plant is the root bulb. Safely buried underground, valuable ingredients accumulate in the course of plant life. 100 years ago ginger was still completely unknown in this country, today it is quite naturally part of the kitchen. Thanks , globalization!

Is ginger healthy?

Very healthy even! There are 15 good reasons why he is so celebrated, both by people like me and by science. From the effects and the composition ginger corresponds more to a herb than other root tubers like potatoes.
Because the ginger tuber consists to 3% of essential oils that make its effects. These essential oils are not all described yet. The most important are Gingerol, Shagaol and Peradol. If someone asks you this, you can give it a little more now. The essential oils make the effect - and they have it in them, as you will see soon!

Ginger in folk medicine - an ancient medicinal plant

Originally ginger comes from East Asia and has been used there for thousands of years for various health problems. As you will soon learn, he is very versatile; in the following three problems he is a popular solution in folk medicine and naturopathy:
  1. Seasickness : He is able to displace nausea like no other active ingredient, for example in the case of travel sickness or seasickness  . Sailors were given a ginger roll in nausea.
  2. Colds : Due to the essential oils it is antibacterial and antiviral and very effective against flu infections. A good standard home remedy for colds , then and now.
  3. Indigestion : Although nausea also affects the stomach, ginger is also suitable for irritable or gastritis. It has a strong antibacterial effect and regulates the mucus layer and stomach acid to restore a natural balance.

15 Benefits of Ginger at a glance

Ginger effect

We now want to give an overview of the most important properties of ginger and show why it is so healthy. What does he do in the body? Which effects of this are scientifically supported? And how can we put this knowledge into practice?

# 1 Ginger promotes digestion

Ginger accelerates the passage of the stomach and the passage in the intestinal tract. If you have problems with a slow digestion or a weak stomach or constipation, then you are  well advised with  Ginger.

# 2 Ginger reduces inflammation

The essential oils have a strong antioxidant action, so fight free radicals in the body and activate enzymes that break down free radicals . Many of the following health effects result.

# 3 Ginger has an antibacterial effect

Essential oils are defensive substances of plants against bacteria and viruses - which you can post profit  ! Ginger thus has a disinfectant effect, both on external wounds (burns, but works together with  Manuka honey ) and internally (for infections and gastritis).

# 4 Ginger improves concentration

Ginger inhibits an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine . Acetylcholine is the most important signaling agent in the brain, and more acetylcholine has been associated with better concentration. If you  want to increase your  concentration ,  Ginger is  a good way.

# 5 Ginger lowers cholesterol

Again and again it could be shown that the harmful LDL cholesterol  decreases with regular ginger . The higher the cholesterol level , the stronger this effect.

# 6 Ginger relieves joint pain

Joint pain, whether rheumatic, arthritis  or overuse; Ginger relieves the pain and swelling of affected joints.

# 7 Ginger for higher muscle growth

Dear Men : Ginger is a natural myostatin inhibitor, which increases muscle growth after exercise. It is also rumored that he   can boost testosterone . In addition, it has been shown that it greatly reduces muscle pain after exercise and improves athletic performance .

# 8 Ginger lowers blood sugar

About 4 g of ginger (also as a powder) daily in a study could lower the blood sugar level as much as metformin, a well-known diabetes drug. Anyone who has problems with too high or unstable blood sugar is well advised to use the tuber  . First, please discuss with the doctor !

# 9 Ginger may inhibit cancer growth

There has not yet been a clear resume in science, but there is a clear tendency for ginger to inhibit cancer cells from growing. If that's not good news!

# 10 Ginger relieves menstrual cramps

The pain and  inflammation  during menstruation are alleviated, which has an overall impact on the quality of life of the affected women.

# 11 Ginger protects against gastritis

Ginger fights very selectively  Helicobacter pylori , a bacterium that lives in every other  stomach, which is the trigger for  gastritis  and gastric cancer.

# 12 Ginger fights fungal infections

In addition to its antiviral   and antibacterial   activity ginger fights also very effective fungi that  gastrointestinal tract and there hinder digestion

# 13 Ginger helps against nausea

Do you belong to those who suffer from nausea in cars, buses, planes or on the high seas? Then grab directly to the yellow tuber, ginger extract or ginger tea  . The over-the-counter supplement for travel sickness from the pharmacy is nothing more than ginger extract. Direct chewing or ginger drinking also works and is cheaper.

# 14 Ginger against colds

Ginger with honey is a very effective and healthy remedy for colds for young and old.

# 15 Ginger protects the liver

The contained essential oils seem to have a particularly positive effect on the liver Meaning, they protect your liver from free radicals and from toxins such as alcohol, heavy metals and environmental toxins. Convincing arguments, right? Ginger is very versatile and has many great effects. These reasons have convinced me to use it almost every day. Also, is ginger actually suitable for weight loss?

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