Bug Bites from Bed - Are Thay Dangerous - Signs and Symptoms

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. This verse is often said before going to sleep. But did you know that those bed bugs,  can really bite and terrorize you? These critters love to lie comfortably in bed with you and feed on your blood. Read on and learn to recognize a bed bug. You will not see bed bugs immediately and the bites are difficult to recognize, but itching spots and bumps are usually the symptoms and betray that these bugs are hidden in your bed. Sometimes you get a small, itchy swelling from a bed bug. But that is different for everyone. How do you get bed bugs as a bed partner?
  • Because you have spent the night in a hotel or a holiday home
  • You have purchased a second-hand item / furniture such as mattresses, sofas, rugs, chairs and other vintage products
  • Traveled by train, metro, plane or by truck

bug bites from bed

Do not blame the bedbug too quickly: the irritating spots can also be the cause of infectious diseases, bacterial infections, skin inflammation or medicines. If you have not recently made a trip, have not spent the night elsewhere and have not purchased second-hand vintage products: then you will not find bed bugs in your home.

Bug Bites from Bed

Recognizing bug bites from bed is not easy. The bites of a bed bug are comparable to a mosquito bite or a flea bite. On the other hand, there is one characteristic that clearly identifies a bed bug. The bites of a bedbug are often in a row. You will find bed bug bites especially on arms, legs, hands and neck.
  • Bed bugs usually bite a number of times. So if you find three bites in a row, this may mean that you have been bitten by a bed bug.
  • Is a bedbug disturbed while eating his meal, for example because you are scratching? Then the bedbug will bite several times in the same place.
Every person responds differently to a bite from a bed bug. For example, someone cannot be bothered at all by the bedbug, but his / her partner can sit in a row among the spots.

Swelling and Itching

The swellings and itching are caused by the substances that the parasitic insect injects into your skin. These substances prevent blood from clotting, so that bedbugs can easily take your blood. In addition, they release an anesthetic, so you don't feel the bite. The mouth of the bedbug has a needle-like part that penetrates the skin. The other parts of the mouth are serrated; the bedbug cuts through the skin, as it were, to find a blood vessel. The immune system of humans does not recognize all of this as the body's own, so we automatically produce histamine as an immune system. This causes annoying itching and red spots that will bother you for days. That is why it is not a superfluous luxury to recognize a bed bug, so that you can fight the critters!

Several Bed Bugs in a Row

bed bugs, are preferred to bite your legs. They wait between the blankets and the mattress until you join them. Then they attack, because they are attracted by our warmth, carbon dioxide and various bodily substances. Other stablings, such as mosquitoes, will more often attack uncovered parts of your body. Moreover, they often only stick once, while the bedbug sticks several times in one place. It is therefore characteristic that the bites of a bedbug are often in a row. If you suffer from multiple red itchy bumps all over your body, then there may be bites from multiple bedbugs. Or there is a completely different cause.

Bed Bug or Bomething Else?

It remains difficult to be sure that you are terrorized by bed bugs, because there are several insects that leave spots on your skin. In addition, you feel a bed bugs only after about a day or even after a few days, that depends on your immune system. So it generally does not wake you up. If you suffer from itchy spots on your body, then it is time to do further research. Look into the seams of your mattress and check the walls for cracks and gaps. Here the bed bugs are only too happy to lurk, so that they can strike at night. By the way, they will not join you every night, only if they are hungry for a delicious blood meal.

Facts About Bedbugs and Their Eating Behavior

Bedbugs feed about every five to seven days and can absorb up to three times their own weight in blood with a single feeding. They usually go looking for blood at night, but if they are really hungry, they strike during the day. For example, do you sometimes take an afternoon nap, then you are a good prey for the skewers.
Bedbugs are bad climbers. They wait quietly until your body comes into contact with the bed, so they don't have to bother to feed you. The bed bugs feed for about five to ten minutes, then they are full and crawl back to their safe hiding place.
In addition, the bed bugs prefer smooth skin. This is because on a hairy skin you will feel the bitches tickle sooner, so that they often do not get the chance to bite. On a skin without hair, the bed bugs are felt less quickly and they can go their own way.

Use Your Eyes and Your Nose

Feces from the bed bugs are often clearly visible, especially on white sheets. You can also use your nose to investigate, because the faeces of these mini-plugs often give off a foul almond-like odor. The bed bugs also spread chemicals (pheromones) that we cannot smell, to let other bed bugs know that they have found a good and safe hiding place. The pheromones also have the purpose of attracting females, so that the gentlemen can make the move and make offspring. You can imagine that you will soon have to deal with a bed bug plague .
Unfortunately, they will not leave on their own, but will simply multiply. If they are there, they stay. Provided someone comes to sleep with them and they can feed on it. You can scrub your house or bedroom thoroughly, but that will not disturb the skewers. They don't care if they stay in a piggery or in a tidy room.
If you have done research and you are almost certain that these unwanted guests are staying in your bed, take action to combat these unwanted bed partners!

To Recognize a Bed Bug:

Do you recognize the following symptoms?
  • Multiple red spots on the legs, arms, hands, neck or spots on the skin
  • Swellings
  • Lots of itching
  • Feces on the sheets
  • Almond-like scent on the sheets
Then there is the chance that you suffer from a bed bug plague.

Professional Bedbug Control

Bed bugs are stubborn parasitic insects and unfortunately do not go away on their own. That is why it is wise to call in   an expert for bed bugs in your house or bed bugs in a hotel . Even when in doubt! We advise you not to use do-it-yourself pesticides to combat bed bugs. These drugs miss their target because they are not strong enough or because they lack the professional knowledge to combat adult bedbugs, nymphs and eggs.
In addition, bedbugs are smart enough to evade your extermination effort. They crawl deeper into their hiding place or move to another part of your house. For security, hire a professional pest control agent to have the  bed bugs fight .

Are Bedbugs Bite Dangerous?

Bed bugs generally only cause irritated skin and itching, which naturally disappear after a few days. Many people do not react violently to the bites. The sticks do not spread diseases and are not dangerous.
If you do suffer from a severe reaction, in which the bites swell and you experience enormous itching, contact your pharmacy or doctor. In case of inflammation you should go to the doctor immediately for proper treatment.

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