Can You Safely Drink Distilled Water? Benefits And Risks

Distilled water is free from minerals and metals, so it can bad taste.
Keeping hydrated is crucial for maintaining good health. But  drink distilled water, instead of other types of water, be a healthy option?
In this article we investigate the qualities of distilled water compared to other types of water and analyze whether it is safe and healthy to drink.

drink distilled water


Because water has no calories or sugar, it is a better choice than soda or fruit juice to keep it hydrated. Sodas and fruit juices are loaded with sugars, which actually remove water from the body.
Although reaching a glass of water seems simple, there are many types of water available for drinking, including:
  • Plain tap water
  • spring water
  • distilled water
Each type of water has its own benefits, but some carry risks.Distilled water is formed from the steam of boiling water. Boiling the water destroys minerals and other impurities, leaving the distilled water in a 'pure' state.
Because of this, some people believe that drinking distilled water can help the body clean unnecessary chemicals. However, other people think that the minerals found in drinking water are necessary for good health.

What is distilled water?

Almost all the water has some impurities in it. These impurities can include:
Distilled water has removed these impurities by boiling and evaporating. Some people think that distilled water tastes because it is missing:
  • metal
  • minerals
  • Other inorganic compounds
In essence, distilled water is not very different from other purified water. The only thing that is different is the way the water is purified.
Distillation is an old method of water purification. However, it is a relatively complicated process and difficult to do at home without a water distillation machine.
There are many municipalities in coastal communities that use distillation facilities to treat the water from the ocean, which is then used as drinking water.

What are the risks of distilled water?

The main risks of drinking distilled water alone are associated with the lack of dissolved minerals, such as magnesium and calcium.
Some of the adverse effects of drinking plain distilled or mineral water include:
  • A flat taste that many people find unattractive, which leads to reduced water consumption
  • A decrease in the metabolic function of the body
  • An increase in urine output that can lead to electrolyte mismatch

The lack of minerals lost through sweat

Replacing the minerals lost through sweat is important for the body to function properly.
When the body loses water through sweating and urine loss, it loses sodium and other minerals in addition to water. In order for the body to function properly, these minerals must be replaced.
However, when people drink distilled water, the minerals are not replaced, since all additives were removed during the distillation process.
This lack of minerals and additives would only pose a significant risk if distilled water was the only liquid or food that a person has consumed.
Since most people eat and drink a variety of food and drink all day, most people get the salts and minerals they need from these other sources.

Fastening by drinking water only can be dangerous

It is not dangerous to drink distilled water as part of a balanced diet that also contains food that replaces all minerals lost through sweat.
However, for a longer period of fasting, only distilled water can be drunk because a person would not replace any of the lost minerals.
Another, but also different, reason for an extra, only watery, is dangerous and these other problems are far more worrying than what kind of water a person drinks. You must consult a doctor before you do anything extremely fast.

Change the pH balance of the blood

In extreme cases when a person drinks only distilled water and does not receive proper nutrition, an "acidosis" condition may occur. This condition occurs as a result of changing the pH balance of the blood.
The pH balance of distilled water is 7.0, and the pH balance of the blood must remain between 7.35 and 7.45. Acidosis occurs when the blood pH is lower than 7.35 and this can lead to serious health consequences, including organ failure.

Influence the environment

Moreover, distilled water may not be the best choice for environmentally friendly people.
Distillation is not the most environmentally friendly process, since it leaves highly salted or hard water that can disrupt or destroy the surrounding ecosystem of the water source.

What are the potential benefits of distilled water?

Distilled water has potential benefits. These benefits can include:
Aqueous bacteria do not survive the distillation process, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Cleansing the body with pure water : When drinking distilled water, a person requires water without other additives. Since distilled water is pure, some people believe it is cleanable for the body.
  • Reducing the risk of disease : Distillation removes waterborne pathogens. Most pathogenic bacteria caused by water do not survive distillation.
  • Reducing the risk of using harmful chemicals : The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows for low levels of certain harmful chemicals in drinking water. None of these chemicals are present in distilled water.

Things to consider before drinking distilled water

When choosing drinking water, people can consider the following factors:
  • The quality of the local tap water
  • Taste preference
  • Quality of vitamins and minerals in the diet
  • Availability of other drinking water

Is distilled water safe to drink?

Distilled water is safe to moderate as part of a balanced diet. A variety of beverages and soft drinks contain distilled water.
However, when distilled water is the only type of water a person drinks, potential health consequences may occur. These problems arise due to the lack of minerals, and because of the effect that the rise in pH levels has on the body.
In addition, these fasting must prevent distilled water from being dried to prevent electrolyte imbalances.
In general, drinking distilled water is not problematic. Most people eat a varied diet and get their hydration from different sources.
Most people would benefit from drink distilled water


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