Foods To Eat After A Workout - Nutrition Tips

Many runners wonder whether or not they should eat  after a workout. And if they do eat: what is the best choice for them to get as many benefits as possible?

eat  after a workout

Eating before or after your morning workout?

Many runners enjoy running before they go to work. The question whether you can then eat best before or after the morning training depends on the following factors: Are you trying to perform? Then it is better to eat in advance and opt for a more carbohydrate-rich menu that is easily absorbed. Such as white bread with jam, gingerbread or some fruit. If you choose to lose weight, you can choose to eat after training and you need more protein in addition to carbohydrates (for a good recovery). Then choose whole-grain bread and a bowl of yogurt or cottage cheese. Make sure that you have received enough energy the night before to walk in the morning. You can vary to your heart's content on these themes, but this is the basis.

Eat if you still go running at night

It is quite individual whether you can walk on an empty or full stomach. Some can't take it, but due to long habituation they manage to eat shortly before training. However, your body is not well built for that. A lot of energy goes automatically to your muscles during exercise and this way your digestive energy is deficient. You can then suffer from the food in your stomach or you will perform less unnoticed. It is smarter to eat something that is easily digestible before the training and gives you energy for the road, such as a banana or some gingerbread. After training, your muscles crave food in the form of carbohydrates and proteins. It is best to replenish those stocks in the first thirty minutes (up to two hours).

Protein shake after (eg 10 km) running useful?

The answer to the question whether it makes sense to take a protein shake after a run of approximately 5 kilometers? Yes, a protein shake certainly makes sense. Afterwards you have to take carbohydrate-rich food as quickly as possible (preferably within half an hour, certainly within two hours), to fill the empty pantry with energy again. That cupboard fills itself the easiest. Moreover, with sufficient protein you can also promote recovery, because those are the building blocks that you use to build (stronger) muscles. Furthermore, some people find it difficult to eat immediately after training and a shake is probably easier.

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