Foods With High Carbs to Avoid

Foods with too many carbohydrates are not good for you. Your body is then constantly burning sugar (sugar burner) and does not burn fat. here are the   foods with high carbs to avoid.

foods with high carbs

What types of carbohydrates are there again?

In addition to proteins and fats, your body gets energy from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be divided into two types: slow and fast. Also: good and bad carbohydrates. Carbohydrates also have the name (milk, fruit, grape) sugar and starch.

Eating with too many carbohydrates

  • Confectionery : all products to which pure (Crystal) sugar has been added should be immediately removed from your diet. Cake, chips, pastries, candy, chocolate: unfortunately, but away with it! The insidious thing is that sugar is not always clearly readable on the package. It is packed in all sorts of terms. So even if you see products with the following words on the package, you know that sugar has been added:
    • All types of syrup (agave syrup, maple syrup)
    • All types of syrup
    • All nectar (honey) Sugars in the form of, for example, agave syrup or maple syrup are best taken occasionally.

  • Jam (and other sweet spreads): logically it follows that jam also contains a lot of sugars (half fruit, half sugar!). Therefore choose jam with no sugar added. Other sweet sandwich spreads such as chocolate spread or chocolate sprinkles also contain a lot of sugars and therefore carbohydrates.

  • Dried fruit : a lot of sugar is often added to dried fruit.

  • Fruit juices : you can eat fruit better. Many sugars have been added to fruit juices. You can drink fruit, but then do this as a sweet addition to, for example, green smoothies.

  • Fruit with lots of sugars : fruit does indeed contain sugars and therefore carbohydrates. And in principle that is not always a problem if you don't take too much of it. For example, if you make a green smoothie , you can only add the best fruit to a limited extent. Some fruits contain a lot of sugar, such as mangoes and bananas. You can eat this sometime, but then do this to a limited extent.
    • Fruit with a lot of carbohydrates: grapes, mangoes, bananas, cherries
    • Fruit with fewer carbohydrates: strawberries, mandarins, apricots, blueberries

  • Other drinks with sugar : cola, icetea, 7-up: soda contains a lot of sugar. Even the light variants!
  • Fruit yogurt: fruit yogurt, fruit quark or yogurt drinks contain a lot of added sugars. So avoid this!

  • Milk : pure milk contains a lot of lactose and you should therefore not drink during a low-carb diet.

  • Grain products with fast carbohydrates : grains such as rice, wheat, rye, corn and millet contain a lot of carbohydrates. You should therefore not take products made from grains. Think of cereal, pasta, tortillas, pancakes, muesli, pizza crusts.

  • Grain products with slow carbohydrates : however, you also have grains that contain slow carbohydrates, such as rye bread, spelled bread, wholemeal bread, quinoa and wholemeal pasta. This contains carbohydrates, but this is the slow and good variant. During a low-
  • carbohydrate diet you can therefore take it once, but only to a very limited extent.

  • Bread : bread is made from grain and contains a lot of starch. Eat modest bread and try baking your low- carbohydrate bread yourself .

  • Beans and peas : beans and peas such as green beans, green peas, white beans and kidney beans contain a lot of starch. That is why they are very carbohydrate.

  • Potatoes : potatoes also contain a lot of starch and are rich in carbohydrates. I prefer not to eat
  • .
  • Beetroot : just like potatoes, beetroot also contains a lot of starch and therefore does not fit in a low carbohydrate diet.

  • Maize : maize is also seen as sweet vegetable, but is covered by cereals. Like other types of grain, corn is high in carbohydrates.

  • Light products : light products contain less fat, but on the other hand often more carbohydrates or other bad substances have been added.

  • Ready-made products : ready-made dishes (microwave meals), sauces, pots and bags contain more sugars and carbohydrates than fresh products. Therefore always go for natural and fresh.

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