Healthy Fast Food Lunches in Amercia - The Best Meals

Before we go into healthy fast food ... What is fast food? Fast food is a collective name that stands for food that is prepared quickly, that you can consume quickly and that is relatively cheap.

healthy fast food

We all know the well-known fast food chains where you can eat many fast, high-calorie meals for little money. An example ... The Big Tasty with bacon from the McDonalds consists of no less than 885 kcal! This means that after a Big Tasty you already get 45% of your recommended daily amount of calories.

Healthy fast food

But why is fast food so high in calories? Can't it all be much healthier? Did you know that the number of people with obesity in the Netherlands has doubled in the last 30 to 40 years? In the Netherlands, 48% of the population is overweight and 13% obese. In America it is even true that the number of obese people has caught up with the number of overweight people.
We are increasingly aware of our unhealthy lifestyle and the influence of food on our health, with or without the help of the government. The health trend is undeniable and is spreading rapidly throughout the world. In America (especially in the states of California, New York and Florida) they are ahead of a healthy lifestyle. You will find countless concepts that deliver healthy meals, fresh markets and boot camps! You can find salad bars on every corner of the street. They are seen by the population as the ultimate healthy substitute for fast food. Speed, convenience and price are the drivers for the success of the salad bars.

American trend

In addition to salad bars, the number of healthy fast food formulas that offer fast, common dishes at an affordable price is growing enormously in America. At salad bars such as Freshii you order bowls as well as salads. The basis of bowls consists of brown rice, kale or quinoa, supplemented with vegetables and different types of sauces. If you want to get extra proteins, add falafel, tofu or chicken. 'Tender Greens' and 'LYFE kitchen' are also well-known concepts. Both franchise chains work together with local farmers. The idea behind the formulas is fast, healthy, fresh, local and affordable. By working together with local farmers, the franchise chain can offer fresh, healthy and high-quality dishes.

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