9 Tips for Low Salt Diet - Tasty Food Without Salt

We speak of low salt food or low sodium diet because  even fresh products naturally contain salt, even if it is not much. There is salt in almost all products from nature, including vegetables and meat. The amount of salt is minimal, but it is not really possible to  eat without salt . That is why we speak of low- salt or low- sodium food.

low sodium diet

Low salt food is good for you, because men eat an average of 9.9 grams of salt every day, compared to 7.5 grams of salt per day for women. So be more aware of salt, because eating low in salt is simply better for you. The recommended amount of salt is 6 grams. Low-salt food is 5 - 6 grams of salt per day, which is 1 gram less than the recommended amount of 6 grams. Therefore these 10 tips for low-salt eating, to eat less salt.

Eating consciously low in salt

We often put thoughtless food in our mouths, without realizing what we actually eat and what's in it. We also choose products or order something from the menu without really looking at what the ingredients are. Be aware of what you order or what you eat, this way you will see that you often already know what salty products are and can very easily avoid them by choosing another dish or buying a similar product or preparing something yourself. to make.
To make it all easier, because it is not that difficult, below are a few tips for eating low in salt.

9 tips for low-salt food

  1. Do not buy  ready-made meals  and therefore no ready-made soups and sauces. (avoid packages and bags where possible)
  2. Eat less soup , prefer to make a tasty starter with less salt or make a soup from low-  salt broth or homemade broth.
  3. Buy as many fresh products , vegetables and fruit as possible  .
  4. Look carefully at packaging in the store, if you have similar products, choose the products that contain the  least salt or low-salt products .
  5. Do  not buy marinated, breaded and processed products , these are usually very salty or breaded with low- sodium breadcrumbs .
  6.  Avoid all products that  contain a lot of salt  such as salted meats, smoked salmon, pizza.
  7. Make dishes to taste with pepper, garlic, fresh and  herbs without salt .
  8. Bake your own bread , so you have a grip on the salt.
  9. Avoid sweets such as licorice , eat some unsalted nuts instead or take a piece of fruit.

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