Rice Water for Hair - The Latest Trend in HairCare

Have you always wanted long, smooth locks? Then we now have the solution for you with this popular new hair care trend: rice water. Rice water for hair ? Yes! If you put a handful of rice grains in the water, after a while you see that the water turns milky white. It has now been found that this turbid water is incredibly good for your hair.

rice water for hair

Rice water: The Latest Trend in Hair Care

The Yao women who live in southern China maintain the tradition that your hair stays long, dark and clean by washing it regularly with rice water. It is clear that their trick works: the average hair length of the women is 1.7 meters according to the Guinness Book of Records. Two meters? Yes! Where do you leave it? We wondered that. Well, these Yao women wrap it neatly in a cloth, in a tail or it is simply rolled up. And once a year it goes wild during a festival. Crazy! Another special fact: the women cut them once in their lives, namely just before their wedding day. We can still learn something from these hair gurus. Do you have rice water at hand?


What is fermented rice water?
Fermented rice water is more powerful than 'normal' rice water. During the chemical process of fermentation, a change of the substances in the water takes place, which lowers the pH value. And that is a lot better for your hair than normal rice water with a high pH value.
How do you make rice water?
Men neme:
1 / Half a cup of uncooked (organic) rice
2 / Two cups of water
3 / Possibly some essential oil to feed your hair extra 


Wash the rice first and rinse the water away. Then soak rice for 15 minutes with a cup of water. Sift the rice, collect the water in a bowl that you cover with plastic wrap. Add fragrance oil after 24 hours and your fermented rice water is ready! Leave the water in for half an hour and repeat the treatment regularly for beautifully long, healthy locks.

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