Common Myths About Dandruff

Misconceptions about dandruff can cause damage to the care of the hair. That is why the 9 most common myths about dandruff have been collected, so that these myths can be eliminated and the actual causes can be tackled better.

Myth 1

 The more often you wash your head, the more dandruff you get. The frequency of washing does not affect dandruff. Fungal infections that can cause dandruff are caused by your hormones and other reasons.

Myth 2

 Dandruff is caused by dirty pillows. There is some truth in this myth. A fungus can get stuck in a dirty pillow and cause dandruff in this way. However, this is only possible if metabolic processes have been violated. Healthy skin is normally not sensitive to this fungus. People are confronted with thousands of types of fungi on a daily basis, which only make them sick when there is a weakened resistance.

Myth 3

 Rose can be completely removed with shampoo. A good shampoo with zinc formula is able to remove dandruff, but it cannot be completely eliminated. To completely remove dandruff, you will need to consult a doctor. This doctor can prescribe a medical shampoo based on tar, zinc and selenium derivatives with a clear treatment procedure. In addition, the doctor can prescribe gels and lotions with corticosteroids, these are certain hormones. These will find a balance between androgens and estrogens, causing the rose to go away. Furthermore, adequate rest, stress reduction and a well-varied diet are very important.

Myth 4

 It is impossible to get rid of dandruff. Fighting dandruff can be very difficult, but with the right diagnosis and treatment you can definitely get rid of dandruff. In addition to a fungus, the cause of dandruff can also be an infection such as psoriasis or a banal allergy. It is therefore essential that you are properly examined and treated by a dermatologist or trichologist.

Myth 5

 Rose causes hair loss. Under normal circumstances, dandruff will not cause hair loss. However, there are cases where dandruff can accelerate hair loss, in which case there must be particularly fat seborrhea. This can cause a very irritated scalp, which is bad for the hair. Therefore keep a close eye on whether there is redness, itching and inflammation.

Myth 6

Rose only appears on oily hair. No, there is not only fat, but also dry seborrhea. However, this is much less common. In the case of a lot of fat, there is sebum and the fungi multiply. In the case of the dry species, the production of the tallow fat is reduced.

Myth 7

 Rose can be removed in 1 session. Even with the use of the best treatments and highest quality products, the treatment lasts a few months. It cannot therefore be removed in one go.

Myth 8

 Using someone else's comb or toothbrush can cause dandruff. Dandruff cannot be delivered via a toothbrush or comb because a toothbrush or comb cannot cause hormonal changes in the body. Transferring dandels in this way is therefore not possible.

Myth 9

 A rose comb can remove all rose. A large part of the rose can be removed with a rose comb. However, new rose will appear again, so it only helps temporarily. When using such a comb it is important that the scalp is touched as little as possible.

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