Everything You Need To Know About Veggies And Fruits.

It is not without reason that veggies and fruits have a healthy appearance. If you eat enough, they lower the risk of cardiovascular diseaseThere is also a connection between eating vegetables and a lower risk of colon cancer and between green leafy vegetables and a lower risk of type 2 diabetes (diabetes). Eating fruit is associated with a lower risk of diabetes, colon cancer and lung cancer.

veggies and fruits

Vegetable is not fruit

This Article consists of both veggies and fruits. These provide other good substances, so you both need them to be and stay healthy. In short, you cannot exchange broccoli for an orange or cucumber for an apple.


Not one vegetable contains all the nutrients you need from vegetables. Therefore: vary with vegetables. An additional advantage: variation is never boring.

Tips for vegetables

  • You can easily spread your daily portions of vegetables over the day. Think of strips of bell pepper or slices of cucumber on bread, snack tomatoes or carrots along the way, a salad with lunch, leftover vegetables with your omelette and of course just at dinner.
  • You can prepare vegetables in many ways: raw, cooking, steaming, baking, stir-frying, grilling, mashing. This way you make vegetable food even more varied.

How much vegetables does your body need?
Adults are advised to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day.


Do you like different taste sensations? There is plenty to taste in the fruit department: juicy melon, a freshly sour apple, sweet banana ... If you always choose different types of fruit, you will also get all the nutrients from fruit that you need.

Tips for fruit

  • Just like vegetables, fruit can always and everywhere. Think of slices of apple or banana on bread, pieces of fruit with yogurt, just loose in between, a fruit salad with lunch or fruit with dinner, such as apple with sprouts or mango with rice.
  • A little dried fruit is nice for it. A few dates as a snack, some raisins with the muesli or some dried apricot with the curry. Keep it small, because dried fruit provides a lot of sugar. Dried fruit cannot replace fresh fruit because vitamin C is lost on drying.

How much fruit does your body need?

Adults are advised to eat 2 portions of fruit per day (200 grams).


veggies and fruits  are loaded with  fiber, antioxidants.vitamins, and minerals,
Thay are very good for health.

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