Does Apple Vinegar Cider Lower Blood Pressure ?

Does apple vinegar cider lower blood pressure ?

Apple cider vinegar  is very effective at lowering blood pressure. The exact reason is not yet clear, it is thought that the organic ACV manages to increase the amount of nitric oxide so that the blood vessels can relax better.

does apple vinegar cider lower blood pressure

On the other hand, ACV may prevent angiotensin, which is converted again into angiotensin II, and cause blood pressure to fall.
Pay attention! It can happen that apple cider vinegar can influence the effect of medicines. So when you take blood pressure lowers you will always have to consult with your doctor before you start taking ACV.


I always think it is important that natural remedies can at least be supported by scientific research. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but fortunately ACV has conducted research into the effect on blood pressure.
In the  study by Caroo. S. Johnston, rats were treated with apple cider vinegar and blood pressure dropped. The exact cause is not yet clear and more research is certainly needed. Especially when you look at the many positive reviews from people worldwide about apple cider vinegar against high blood pressure.
In 2015, research was conducted for the first time into the reason why apple cider vinegar helps to lower your blood pressure. The apple cider vinegar activates an enzyme, 5'AMP, which is important to keep the environment constant. This enzyme ensures very briefly through the bend that blood walls remain flexible or become again.
Therefore, after taking apple cider vinegar for 6 to 8 weeks, your blood pressure may already be lower than before you took ACV. The acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar is probably responsible for activating this enzyme.

In addition to the direct effect of apple cider vinegar on blood pressure, there are also indirect effects that ACV lowers blood pressure.

For example, ACV is important to render nicotine in the liver more harmless, so that smoking has less influence on the flexibility of the blood vessels.
Apple cider vinegar supports weight loss. As a result, your heart needs to provide less body mass with blood, which means it has to pump less hard and so you get a lower blood pressure.
Apple cider vinegar supports keeping your blood sugar levels low . Because of this you have fewer problems with inflammation and that is good for the flexibility of your veins. The more flexible your blood vessels are, the lower your blood pressure is.


People regularly ask me how quickly they can expect results. When using apple cider vinegar, blood pressure drops quite quickly. Normally you should see a decrease within a week because of the impact on blood vessels. However, not everyone is the same and results may therefore differ per person.

Below a number of tips regarding the use of ACV:

Dosage , the dosage of ACV can vary per person. Most people take 1 to a maximum of 3 teaspoons of ACV per day. If you find it too strong, you can always take less. A good rule is to first start with 1 teaspoon and later possibly build up to a maximum of 3.

Thinning , raw apple cider vinegar is too strong for most people. This is because ACV in its natural form is very acidic. That is why it is better to mix it with a large glass of water or apple juice. Of course you can also use apple cider vinegar with your salad as a dressing, once you get used to it it tastes pretty good.

In addition, the acid is also not good for your teeth. It can break down glaze giving you a greater chance of holes . That is also why it is wise to dilute it. For example, you can put a tablespoon of it in a glass of water. You then mix it up and drink this glass of water while eating your meal.

Organic apple cider vinegar . I cannot emphasize this enough! Make sure you choose the organic variant instead of the normal apple cider vinegar from the factory. The difference is in the processing process, which means that important enzymes and nutrients are lost. You need it for the anti-hypertensive effect of ACV.
You can recognize the organic, natural variant by a cloudy soil.

Side effects . There are normally no side effects. Very rarely can it influence the effect of medication and during pregnancy / breastfeeding the use of ACV is not recommended.
Too large quantities can cause health problems, therefore always adhere to the recommended dosage. Maximum 3 teaspoons per day.

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