Does Broccoli Help to Reduce the Risk of Getting Cancer?

There is hardly any evidence that broccoli and other cabbages help to reduce the risk of getting cancer. Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer.
Broccoli is a member of the cruciferous family . All other types of cabbage belong to this group, such as cauliflower, red, white, Chinese and savoy cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

fruit and vegetables

 The different types of cabbage have been in the spotlight in recent years because they would reduce the chance of getting cancer. The substances that may be responsible for this are glucosinolates. Glucosinolates are natural toxins that are converted into isothiocyanates and indoles by food preparation. The latter two substances make toxic substances in the body harmless and, if possible, would protect the body against carcinogens.

Cabbages and the risk of cancer

With generous consumption of fruit and vegetables you can reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer. Fruits and vegetables can also lower the risk of getting certain types of cancer again. The advice is to eat at least 250 grams of vegetables and two pieces of fruit every day. Whether or not cabbages occupy a special place within the group of vegetables is still unclear. It is therefore good to vary and also to have cabbage varieties on the menu.
Several studies in which large groups of people were followed over time, showed that people who ate a portion of different cabbages three times a week were less likely to get lung cancer than people who did not eat these vegetables as often (less than 1x per month). However, other studies did not find this connection. 

Broccoli and the various other types

 of cabbage fit perfectly in a healthy diet. It is particularly good to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and it is good if different types of cabbage regularly occur in them. However, it is important to vary with different varieties and to choose other varieties in addition to cabbages, because other vegetable varieties contain other important nutrients. 

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