Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Insects on House Plants

A fly window or curtain is the ideal solution to keep your house free of insects in the summer, but how do you tackle that problem in your garden? How can you keep all those irritating or stinging buzzers away from you when you eat outside or enjoy a loungy evening on your terrace?
There are many insect repellent sprays that work very effectively, but not everyone wants to apply chemical pesticides to their skin and, moreover, they are not always without danger and not suitable for everyone.

get rid of insects

Plants with a scent

Fortunately there are also natural remedies to keep those unwanted flying and crawling summer guests at a distance as much as possible, for example with plants. Certain shrubs, flowers or herbs spread a scent that repels the intended target group. Mosquitoes, for example, do not like lemon balm, lemon verbena, peppermint, tagetes , lavender and (to a lesser extent) lemon geranium.
There are all kinds of greenery that you can use to keep the critters outside of your perimeter. Moreover, they immediately give your terrace a colorful touch and you can also use the herbs in the kitchen.
Here we list the plants and herbs with which insects you can keep out.

Wormwood : ants, wasps
Basil : flies, mosquitoes
Marigold : all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes
Catnip : certain types of beetles (including Colorado potato beetle), ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches.
It also keeps aphids at a distance, which is included for your other plants. The plant does attract cats, it has not stolen its name ... 
You can also immediately buy catnip oil to repel mosquitoes.
Chamomile : all flying insects
Lavender : moths, flies, mosquitoes
Lemon thyme , balm , - grass and verbena : mosquitoes. Everything that comes close to lemon is not the mosquito's memory. Lemon balm, a relative of the mint, is best planted in pots if you want to limit its lush and enthusiastic growth.
Nasturtium : numerous beetle species
Rosemary : snails, mosquitoes
Sage : mosquitoes
Peppermint : flies, moths, ants, beetles, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders
As an extra precaution, you can also crush a few leaves of the plant and rub your exposed skin with it. Basil only works against mosquito larvae, which are poisoned by it. But if your herb garden is full of basil, fewer mosquitoes will come to lay their eggs there.
Are you the lucky owner of a walnut (walnut) or linden tree, then you are safe under the foliage because the scent of the leaves repels insects. 

Pure nature and insect proof

Not only can you define your terrain with plants, there are also other natural remedies that you can use for visiting insects.

- Mosquitoes, for example, do not like garlic and vinegar . You can apply a layer of fragrant apple cider vinegar or use garlic more often to protect your skin against those nasty leeches. Just like flying, they don't like wind or draft . You are therefore safe with a nearby fan. And citronella candles or incense also have a repellent effect.

-  Wasps can then be banished again by the smell of coffee and cloves. Put a few cloves in a jar and pour over boiling water to release the aromas or put them in the flesh of a halved lemon. Of course you can also buy a decorative glass wasp catcher in which you pour a bottom of sweet lemonade or cola to attract the critters and help them to the 'wasp heaven'.

No access to food scraps and stagnant water

Even without extra attributes you can prevent a lot of inconvenience by ensuring that there is no bait or water for the animals in your area.

- Mosquitoes prefer to lay their eggs in stagnant water and flies also like to stay there . So make sure that the cover of your rain pit is sealed to the millimeter and clean your gutter in time so that the water does not remain after a heavy rain shower. Cover water cans with a lid and do not leave water in your watering can or bucket. Populate your pond with goldfish, eat the larvae, and provide it with a pump that keeps the water moving.

- Ants, wasps and flies are enthusiastic about sweet and meat. Make sure you clear the table immediately after a meal and that all food scraps and crumbs are removed. Immediately throw fruit peels and scraps in a sealed container, which also keeps fruit flies away. If you have an outdoor kitchen, then also clean the work surface after each use. Do not leave dishes or empty bottles lying around and do not leave washing water in the sink.

And if, despite all these measures, you are still plagued by flying insects, you can buy an electric insect lamp that attracts and electrocutes the bugs.

Keep your garden tidy

If you are not a fan of spiders, you better remove all clutter from your garden. Spiders like to hide in garden waste such as grass residues, dead leaves, wood, empty trays ... They also like tall grass and weeds as a country retreat.

Outside (or inside) you can also keep spiders at bay with the scent of lemon or cinnamon or with peppermint oil that allows you to evaporate . For indoor use you can mix the oil with detergent and water, put it in a sprayer and spray all cracks and openings with it.

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