How to Get Rid of Gallstones - Five Tips to Successfully Treat Gallstones with Ayurveda

People do not know why the body produces gallstones. We suspect that it has to do with the fact that the bile is in the gallbladder for a long time. So that the bile is not completely emptied after a meal and that the cholesterol or bilirubin starts to thicken in the bile. Two types of gallstones are known. One is a ball of cholesterol and the other of bilirubin.

How to get rid of gallstones

How to get rid of gallstones

Many people have gallstones without being bothered by them. You only know when you are experiencing pain. That is the case when the gallstones get stuck in the bile ducts. Then the flow of bile fluid is impeded.
The treatment is often an operation, ERCP 'Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio and Pancreatography' then they will push the bile ducts with a tube or medication to dissolve the gallstones.

Why does the body make gallstones?

Yes, why does the body actually make gallstones? That is a good question. the body is constantly trying to restore something or find a balance in something. Making gallstones is therefore a solution for the body. We need to see it wider and not just look at the gallbladder. The body consists of trillions of cells and if something goes wrong somewhere, there is a reason why the body solves it the way the body does.

Gallstone formation

Something is thickened, moisture is extracted, substances are stored, with a gallbladder stone this is cholesterol or bilirubin or both. Why? Is there a connection with the thyroid gland? Does it work too slowly? Yes, you can measure that by measuring thyroid values, but suppose this is just at the lower limit. So that the blood values ​​are good and that the metabolism is just too slow. And what about nutrition? Greasy food! What about moving? Do people who suffer from gallstones often have a sedentary job? Do they exercise too little? And last but not least. Do they suffer from stress?

Total picture

You understand my reasoning. I always try to find out why things go the way they do. Certainly in the event of a disturbance in such an important organ as the gallbladder. Yes, I do read that this organ can be easily removed because it is only a storage place for the bile that the liver makes, but why do we have a gallbladder? There is a reason for this and is really more than just a storage container. More than any other angle,  the importance of the big picture and the coherence of the underlying parts. Sometimes you have to adjust something somewhere else to eliminate a disturbance that initially seems to have no relation to it.

Time is gold

Taking the time to think calmly and find out why a disruption is taking place is so important. It seems as if we have less and less time these days, but that is an illusion. Time is something that we fill in ourselves with work. It is up to us to fill in meaningful tasks and tasks. That gives time back its value. Back to the gallbladder and the stones that can be formed therein. What is the cause of this and how do we resolve this.


 The energy that is closely linked to our digestion and metabolism is Pitta. Digestion is the digestion of our food and also making it into smaller pieces. The metabolism only takes place after the digestion. The word says it already changes with substances, it is converted into other substances.
They change personality as it were. In this way a reaction can take place in the body cells whereby the energy stored in the food is released again. Pitta is the fire in our body. Conversion and transformation are the qualities of Pitta.
When Pitta is out of balance there can be a disruption in the conversion of our food. Why pitta is disturbed can have various causes. These causes can be incorrect nutrition. Food that does not suit you. Lifestyle that does not match what you actually want. Too much stress because your lifestyle does not match, so that you do not digest your food well. In short, not one but different approach routes that influence you as a person, so that things don't go the way they should.

Vata en Kapha

Because Pitta is too low, digestion and metabolism will be at a low level. The body responds to this by compensating this with higher Vata or Kapha or both. Kapha is a materializing energy. This means that this force has a driving effect on matter formation. The thickening of components in the bile fluid is the work of Kapha. The movement of the components towards each other and the drying effect thereof is the work of Vata.

Vata, Pitta en Kapha

So a disturbance of the three driving, transforming and forming forces leads to a disturbance of the balance in a biological system. This balance must be reduced in the same way that caused the disturbance. How do we do that?

Five tips to treat gallstones with Ayurveda

Do gallstones belong to the body? Not really, so the first step is Shodhana. Remove what does not have to be in the body or does not belong there. So 1) liver cleansing cure or the Panchakarma cure .
Pitta has been reduced so increase the Pitta with 2) dietary advice and herbal supplements. Vata and Kapha are disturbed, so they also tackle these energies, but only when the Pitta is initially fired up. So Vata and Kapha just park. 3) Movement flows. A disturbance due to a delay in a flow - in principle the gallbladder must be emptied after the meal - so include movement in the treatment protocol.

Who controls our bodies?

Certainly the mind must also participate in the treatment. When you do not take good care of yourself due to poor nutrition, bad habits, excessive activities, being unhappy, tension in the relationship with partner or work. All these factors help to trigger a disruption in your body. So 4) Conversations, meditations, change course are just as important as the previous advice. What is the fifth tip then? You don't believe it but the fifth tip is the most important tip and that is 5) Do it. Yes, it is really doing and sustaining that is very difficult.

Change hurts

Something has to be changed in our way of life and that is very, very, very difficult to sustain. That's why I think it's so important that you understand what happens and how you can influence it yourself. Your body is not a car that occasionally can go to the garage for maintenance, no you are your body. Everything you do is reflected through your body. To understand that properly, it takes time, insight, and effort, and in the end, this provides an incredible amount of satisfaction.

Just in a row!

  1. Liver cleansing cure or Panchakarma cure
  2. Nutritional advice and herbal supplements
  3. Movement through yoga or other forms of sport
  4. Conversations and meditation
  5. Do it and keep it up
You only have one body, be careful with it and use it wisely.

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