What is Orange Theory Fitness? Why This Workout is Different -

In the fitness industry new trends are coming as fast as they go, yet that is not discouraged by Dave Long, co-founder of orangetheory workout today He seems to be right about that, considering that OTF is the fastest growing fitness concept in the United States, with more than 170 studios in the 3 years of its existence. 

orangetheory workout today

Long's team developed a scientific approach based on EPOC, which stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. By using this method in combination with heart rate monitors for training in the optimal heart rate zone, this leads to a particularly effective way to burn fat and build up a good condition.

The color orange of the concept was not chosen accidentally, because it refers to the orange zone, in which you train at 85% of your maximum heart rate.

This form of training is aimed at building solidarity and a sense of camaraderie between participants, whereby not only does the coach encourage the athletes, but the participants also motivate each other. Moreover, the training room is designed to create a group feeling.

But the real challenge is to encourage the body to train for at least 12 to 20 minutes in the orange zone, ie at 85% of the maximum heart rate, the so-called orange zone. Heart rate monitors, which all participants carry, are linked to a computer and a screen, where each participant is shown in which zone he or she is training, because the surface turns gray, blue, green, orange or red, in combination with a display of the percentage of the maximum heart rate that is achieved.

Because the heart rate of each participant is measured individually, it is stimulated to achieve the best possible result at their own level. A trained athlete must perform more activity to reach that 85% than an untrained athlete, so that everyone can achieve top performance at their own level.

The training is divided into intervals of cardio and strength training. About 500 to 1000 calories are burned per workout, with a combination of treadmills, rowing machines, suspension training and free weights. But even more interesting is the after-burn achieved as a result, the burning of calories long after the training is completed. Thus, even while sitting on the couch, you can still enjoy the training.

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