What is Dry Fasting - Benefit ,Damage and Assessments

what is dry fasting

Table Of content

  • Dry fasting method
  • Dry fasting: the benefits
  • Dry fast: potential damage
  • Dry fast: results
  • Dry fasting: assessments

Dry fasting method

Dry (without water), fasting implies a complete rejection of the fluid, even of oral hygiene. In the case of soft dry fasting dissolved bath, shower and a shower. If you choose a difficult one, you can't even wash their hands.According to the method of dry fasting is possible and need to lose weight, build muscle and get rid of the disease.

Dry fasting: the benefits

The main use of dry fasting - effective fat burning, so this method is used for rapid weight loss.
In addition, all bacteria and viruses need water without which they die. To help you in the fight against disease comes dry fasting. The advantage is hard to underestimate: every tumor composed of water, and in the absence of the cells can no longer be distributed - the cure comes.
Stop delivering from outside the body It uses the internal reserves, especially consuming fat. During too much fat that entrails and unsavory folds around the abdomen, legs and buttocks.
But the body not only needs the fat, but the protein. Where does it take?
Normal physiological magic begins here. Tissue damaged by diseases (tumors, adhesions, edema, plaques and other unnecessary), "eaten" in the first place.
The severity of the disease is determined by the duration of dry fasting. The meaning and use of a day, for example - in the immediate remedy for colds. Long-term fasting  - from one week to two - in the body to survive only the strong and healthy cells, and the weak and sick die. If you choose a dry fast, the first results will appear almost immediately.

Dry fast: potential damage
The most difficult part of the process of dry fasting - the result can be an overload on the nervous system and brain. If your work is associated with the utmost attention, dry fasting is only recommended during vacations or long vacations. Overload comes from the fact that toxins enter the blood and poison the body.

But there is good news. Like any new activity, the use of dry fasting is not immediate. The body needs time to get used to the lack of food.
Often, people no longer practice dry starvation because the reviews only talk about the benefits of this method of treatment, but remain silent about the difficulties. While anhydrous fasting cannot occur without complications, "breaking" of hunger, confusion, lethargy and sleepiness. However, the longer you practice dry fasting, the fewer unpleasant symptoms.

Dry fast: results

The first thing to keep in mind: you are done fasting dry, and so you will feel the first time for its completion. Therefore, leaving fasting dry must be selected when you rise in the physical and moral.
The most important thing about the waterless fasting: health outcomes amazing. Here are some.
  • The body loses fat.
  • Pass the chronic illness.
  • Disappear pain in different parts of the body.
  • Body easier to build up visible muscle mass.
  • You feel light and fresh, as if his entire life lived in the mountains.

Dry fasting: assessment

Those who practiced dry fasting seriously, they note that has become much more healthy people than they were before the start of practice. Of course, trying to think this method of healing and weight loss requires a certain brutality - it says everyone who is in a fight for his life and have a long life. However, if there was at least one important decision in a person's life when it was not necessary to overcome fear?
Practitioners fasting dry say that cleansed skin, sleep problems disappeared, more endurance. They were easier to relate to eating, getting rid of the urge to eat a lot in general have got the opportunity to see the world more clearly.

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