What to Eat to Gain Weight - Top 10 Tips

You suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia and have become underweight as a result.After many doubts, anxiety, uncertainty and the necessary conversations, you have decided to gain weight. You want to eat better and more and a few ounces arrive every week. How are you going to do that? . After a few weeks, however, you notice that arriving is a lot harder than you expected. Not only does it give you a lot of anxiety and control, you also arrive much slower than you expected. So the question is  what to eat to gain weight?

what to eat to gain weight

You can of course eat an extra Magnum or a bag of chips every day, but if you suffer from an eating disorder, that is not that simple, and the question is whether arriving by eating a lot of high-calorie products is sensible. In this article we therefore share 10 helping and healthy tips to gain weight . It is up to you to use these tips in a good way if you want to recover from your eating disorder and work towards a healthier weight.

1. Stop cardio & excessive exercise

Exercising while underweight is not always that wise. You often ask too much of your body, so that you can exhaust it and shortages may arise. This will seriously fatigue your body and you can get all kinds of physical symptoms, something you might ignore in the beginning. If you want to gain weight, it is important that you keep all 'cardio activities' to a minimum. Stop running, cycling, rowing, aerobics, etc. If you want to move, do something less effort such as taking beautiful walks or recreational swimming. In addition, you better opt for strength training instead of cardio. This allows you, in combination with the right extra food, to grow some muscles instead of losing more fat, which you already had a shortage of.

2. Eat regularly

Eat something every two hours. Your body needs energy all day long, especially if you want to gain some weight, and in this way you keep the stove burning. Moreover, you can also get enough in this way. If you collect everything to only three eating moments, then your body can eat less at the same time and you will be able to eat and gain less over the day in total. Choose nutritious snacks such as a bowl of nuts or dried fruit. You can buy bags of unsalted nuts fairly cheaply at stores.

3. Eat lots of protein, fiber and healthy fats. 

You often have the necessary muscles broken down if you are underweight. Your body did not have enough fat to burn and so it started with your muscles. Then it can be very dangerous in the long run. After all, your heart is also a muscle. To rebuild some muscle it is good to eat enough protein. You mainly get proteins from meat, chicken, meat substitutes, fish, egg, milk (products), soy products, legumes such as chickpeas and nuts.
You might think that you just have to eat a lot of fatty products if you want to arrive, but eating too fat inhibits appetite, while the intention is to eat something more often. Moreover, you also want to arrive in a healthy way and therefore not only through the unhealthy fats. Therefore eat mainly healthy fats. These are fats that are found in fish, nuts, avocado and vegetable oil.

4. Take 1 more of everything.

It can be difficult to determine what you can eat extra. To simplify this, you can help yourself by taking one extra from just about everything you eat. If you normally take two sandwiches for breakfast, then take three. If you normally take three potatoes for dinner, take four now. Four scoops of quark normally, then five now ... and so on. If you notice that you have not arrived yet after a week, you can extend this again.

5. Eat sufficient complex / slow carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates contain many nutrients (fibers, minerals and vitamins) that are good for bowel movements and blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream by your body. This prevents your blood sugar levels from rising too quickly, causing peaks.

6. Drinking before meals + coffee & tea

Drinking enough on a day is important, but make sure that drinking does not partially satisfy your hunger. It is therefore better not to drink too much for snacks and meals. That way you keep enough appetite and you can eat enough to gain something.
If you want to arrive it is wise not to drink too much coffee and tea. These can often suppress your hunger feeling and cause a stress response in your body. Stress is not good for your body, it costs energy that makes you lose weight again. Coffee and tea ensure that you produce less ghrelin and more leptin and peptide YY. Peptide YY is a saturation hormone in the intestines. Even decaffeinated coffee causes a saturation reaction.

7. Additions

If you have to gain a lot of weight and you notice that this does not get along so well with your current expansion of nutrition, it may help to use some supplement in the form of nutri drink or calorie powder. You can take the nutridrink for example before going to sleep or as an extra snack. Fantomalt is for people with insufficient energy intake or increased energy requirements. It is an additional energy source in powder form. It provides extra calories.

8. Eat high-calorie, healthy snacks

Naturally, it is safe to go for a 'safe cake' such as an Evergreen, Sultana, Leev oerkoek or Goed Busy every moment, but to arrive, it is important to take varied snacks that are generous. I have nutritional value. Healthy products with a high nutritional value include: unsalted nuts, bananas, whole curd cheese, dried fruit, avocado, organic peanut butter, legumes and eggs. Alternate these products with snacks such as a chocolate bar, a candy bar and some tasty cookies and ... you are in the right place.

9. Opt for fuller products.

Arriving by weight and at the same time keeping everything light and eating optimally does not, of course, progress. Therefore choose the more full varieties of the products that you now eat. No, that does not mean that you immediately get too much fat, regardless of the fact that your body can use some extra fat. Instead of opting for Optimel, opt for regular quark. Instead of low-fat yogurt, choose (half) full yogurt ... and so on. That way you also make it a little easier for your body to come to terms with.

10. Rest

You have failed your body for a long time and you may have exhausted it. To recuperate it therefore needs a lot of rest. Moreover, gaining weight when you suffer from an eating disorder is very difficult and heavy. You can also take extra rest for this. Be a bit milder for yourself and give your psyche and physically the time and tranquility to change and get used to those changes.

♥ Finally, it is always useful to consult a dietician . Make a no-obligation appointment and get advice on your diet. It is then good to hire a dietician who has sufficient experience with eating disorders and gaining weight and not just with losing weight

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