When is The Best Time to Eat A Banana?

eat a banana

Bananas are produced and consumed in large numbers worldwide. For athletes, this yellow natural snack is in many cases a fixed part of their diet. Bananas are full of dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and manganese. There is only a discussion about when to eat a banana. The one says the riper the better, the other prefers to eat them as green as possible. What is it exactly?

In general, the taste and nutritional value of a banana changes during the ripening process. Bananas that have not yet ripened so well are often less sweet than well-ripened bananas. How is that 
possible? During the ripening process, the starch of the banana is converted into fast sugars.

Sweet Spots

In Central and South America and Southeast Asia, almost everyone is familiar with so-called 'sweet spots' on the banana. This is the name of the early formation of brown spots on the banana peel. This is a sign that the majority of the banana starch has been converted into sugars and that the banana meat becomes dark, wet and mushy. Here in Europe there is a belief that getting a brown spot on a banana is overripe and inedible. The banana then goes hoppa, so into the trash. For example, millions of bananas go out every year that in principle can still be eaten with green waste.
However, there is a big difference between various types of bananas with regard to the brown spots. For example, there are banana varieties that never develop spots and varieties that always do. There is also a big difference within the varieties that do develop spots: one species does it before the pulp is pulped and the other only after this process.

Green yellow or tan?

On the other hand, a well-ripened banana with some brown spots on the skin is easy to digest and can give you a good energy boost that you need before you start exercising. In principle you can use your banana very well as a pre-workout.

How you eat your banana depends in part on your taste. The one prefers it green-yellow; firm in structure, less sweet and somewhat bitter in taste. The other has a preference for a yellow-brown banana; soft in texture and sweet in taste. In addition, the choice of a green-yellow or yellow-brown banana depends on what you want to get out of your crooked friend. Anyway, there is no wrong choice. Problem solved!

Are you about to throw away a banana because it seems to you that it is too ripe? Do not throw it away, but make it into a smoothie or bake a banana bread from it. This way you do yourself and mother nature a lot of pleasure.

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