Sore throat symptoms? Beware, it's contagious!

Tackle infection? What a bad luck! It is not only very painful, but it also makes you feel pretty bad. What are typical sore throat symptoms? And to what extent is a throat infection contagious? Put on a thick scarf, sit quietly on the couch and read on. Oh and don't forget your water ice cream!

Sore throat symptoms

If you have a sore throat. Yet it is also useful to recognize other throat symptoms:
  • stuffed lymph nodes (neck)
  • be very thirsty
  • earache
  • mucus in throat
  • inflamed throat tonsils (white spots visible)
  • sore throat when swallowing
  • dry throat
  • painful cough
  • hese stem
  • fever


To what extent is a throat infection contagious?

A throat infection is quite contagious! A throat infection is often caused by a bacterium or virus. The pathogens are usually spread by coughing or sneezing (via droplets in the air), . A throat infection spreads quickly in the family and at school. Children (4-14 years old) and young people (15-24 years old) are particularly susceptible to throat infections.

Handy to know: you can use just the same glass or cutlery as the 'sick person'. You don't get sick of this, because the bacteria (the germs that cause throat inflammation) are only resistant to oxygen for a short while. How can you prevent a throat infection? , keep your hands in front of your mouth during a coughing period and provide fresh air at home.

What to do in case of sore throat symptoms?

You can immediately relieve your sore throat. Some throat infection tips:
  • Drink plenty of (cold) water and eat ice cream (numb the pain).
  • Eat fresh garlic (has an antibacterial effect).
  • Discard milk products (milk holds mucus in throat).
  • Gargle with salt water (disinfects the throat).
  • Lots of rest (indeed not intensive exercise!).
  • Eat licorice and honey (to relieve sore throat).
  • Dress up warmly (a scarf works wonders).

Sore throat treatment

How long does a throat infection last? About a week. After that it should go away by itself. Do you suffer from prolonged sore throat (> 7 days)? Then call your doctor for a sore throat treatment. Even if you have a fever for more than 3 days and can hardly eat or drink (due to a severe sore throat when swallowing). It is very important that you consult your doctor in the above cases, because a neglected throat infection can lead to complications (for example a throat abscess). Your doctor is probably prescribing antibiotics for you. Strength!

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