Strongest evidence for carbohydrate-restricted diet in diabetes. (ADA)

A carbohydrate-restricted diet is of fundamental importance in diabetes and has the best scientific foundation. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) states this in a new report . This diet must be tailored to the individual and must be accompanied by a dietitian.

Individual dependent

The panel of 14 American experts comes to this advice after a literature study of more than 600 studies. They emphasize that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for all people with diabetes, due to the large differences in cultural, personal and socio-economic backgrounds. They also make no statements about the amount of carbohydrates that a diet must contain. This also depends on individual factors, including preferences, goals, health status and the level of physical activity.

Role of dietitian

Because a different approach is needed for each patient, ADA believes that supervision by a registered - and preferably specialized - dietitian is necessary. Regular evaluation of the eating pattern remains necessary to monitor the nutritional status, especially with changes in health or major life events. People with prediabetes should also receive a personal plan, especially focused on weight loss.

Move further

Last year , the ADA already recognized a carbohydrate-restricted diet as a favorable approach for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Then it stated that a carbohydrate-restricted diet could improve blood glucose levels and reduce the need for medication. The researchers therefore go one step further in the new report. 'Strong evidence supports the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a nutritional intervention as a component of high-quality diabetes care. It is important that all members of the treatment team are aware of the benefits of this approach and promote a change in eating habits, "the researchers conclude.


Meanwhile, Australia also seems convinced of a carbohydrate-restricted diet for diabetes. In the report " The Food Fix " the researchers write that type 2 diabetes can go into remission and that it does not have to be a lifelong progressive chronic disease. They call the carbohydrate-restricted diet an important way to achieve remission, with sufficient convincing evidence. "This treatment option must be formally offered as a method and all health professionals, and in particular GPs, must be aware of nutritional interventions," the report reports.

Bron: American Diabetes Association en Parliament of Western Australia

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