This construction project gives people with a low income the opportunity to buy a home

CLT or Community Land Trust is a formula whereby people with limited resources become the owner of their own home, but not the land on which the home is built. The land remains under the joint management of - in this case - the CLT Ghent Foundation. Because the private individual does not have to purchase the land, the property is considerably cheaper.


For 34 low-income families, it becomes possible to become the owner of a house in the Goedendag Straat in Meulestede. Anyone who is eligible for social housing can apply as a prospective resident. In Ghent, that means about two thirds of households.

'The city makes living a priority and sets ambitious goals. The top priority here is to strengthen the rental market. New forms of living, such as this CLT project, form an important addition to this. Because creating affordable housing for people with a low income is essential. " tells Tine Heyse, alderman of living

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Intelligent use of space

The design was drawn by ' net  architecture' from Ghent. This architectural office was selected by the social housing company WoninGent. The design stands out thanks to the intelligent use of space. Relatively much living space is created on a small surface area, leaving room for a beautiful green zone. The choice for a clear structure and a small footprint ensures a strong design.
'As a single person, I pay blue in rent and fixed costs. CLT is the only chance for me to buy an own home in an affordable way. As a resident, I am also co-director of the Foundation. This is how my voice is heard when making decisions about the common ground. " says candidate resident Koen

Walk-in time

The project is a collaboration between CLT Gent vzw and Stichting, Stad Gent, WoninGent and sogent. With this project, WoninGent wants to contribute to innovative housing solutions for residents of Ghent who cannot find their way into the private housing market. The social housing company has a great deal of expertise in large social construction projects and is also responsible for the realization of this pioneering project.

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