Timberland Clothing Brand Plants 50 Million Trees

The American clothing brand Timberland will plant 50 million trees in countries such as China, Mali and Haiti over the next five years.

Timberland Clothing Brand

Under the 'Nature Needs Heroes' campaign, the footwear and clothing company wants to contribute to securing the future of the planet and combating climate change.

In a statement, Timberland refers to a recent study by the Zurich University of Technology (ETHZürich) in which the researchers state that a global planting program can eliminate up to two-thirds of all emissions released into the atmosphere by human activities.


"As a brand, we are aware that our fashion and our modern way of life have an impact on the environment," says Timberland President, Jim Pisani. “We feel partly responsible for doing something. Trees and green space improve the environment and the well-being of everyone. "
Timberland works with organizations such as Tree Aid, Trees for the Future and American Forests to deliver on the promise of plantations.
The first year trees will be planted in Haiti, China, the Dominican Republic, the US and Mali. There is also a collaboration with the African organization Great Green Wall that plants trees across a distance of 8000 kilometers across Africa, in the fight against drought, hunger and migration. That green wall  will store an estimated 250 million tons of CO2 by 2030.

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