What has More Calories - Pasta, Potatoes or Rice ?

What has More Calories

Of course, a plate of hot food makes us happy - but certainly this month a bit of thinking about our figure is no superfluous luxury. We searched for you with the most calories: pasta, potatoes or rice.
Do you know right away what you can do en masse.

Per 100 grams: 82 kcal
Beepers consist mainly of starch. Starch is a carbohydrate - and carbohydrates are usually seen as 'bad'. In the case of potatoes, however, this is not that black and white. Starch is a complex and a kind of 'slow' carbohydrate. It takes the body longer to digest this carbohydrate compared to other carbohydrates, such as sugar. In addition, potatoes also contain vitamins (such as vitamin C), fiber, trace elements and minerals. Conclusion: potatoes are a nutritious food. Note: when you start frying or frying potatoes, they naturally become a high-calorie bite. So it's best to cook, steam or roast potatoes.


Per 100 grams: white cooked rice 96 kcal / cooked brown rice 137 kcal
Rice grains are very nutritious. They contain vitamins, dietary fiber (if they still have their membrane), trace elements and minerals. White rice, like most types that you can buy in the supermarket, is pre-cooked and steamed to make preparation at home easy. But through this process the rice loses about 20% in vitamins and minerals. Because the membranes were lost, white rice contains almost no dietary fiber.


Per 100 grams: cooked pasta 100 kcal
Pasta is made from dough and this dough is made from ground wheat grains and water. So-called 'white' pasta contains almost no dietary fibers, because the fibers are sieved here. Whole grain varieties contain more fiber and also contain iron.

What do you choose then? 

In fact, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice and potatoes are all very nutritious and high-fiber. Fiber ensures a good bowel movement, but also a saturated feeling. In addition, they ensure that carbohydrates are absorbed less quickly and therefore your blood sugar level rises less quickly. A beneficial effect that can help you lose weight.
In the end it doesn't really matter - in terms of nutrients - what you put on your plate. As long as you do take the fiber-rich variant of rice and pasta from the supermarket. What the 'healthy' depends on most is the method of preparation (with potatoes) and of course the other ingredients of your dish. If you only pay attention to the calories, then surprisingly, it is best to choose potatoes.

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